Session Information

NEWBORN SESSIONSforest-maternity-shoot

Newborn Shoots are done before baby is 13 days old. This will ensure the cute, squishy poses. It is done that early because after day 15 baby starts to stretch out and would rather have legs down instead of up tight. I have a Newborn Photography Studio in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. Studio shoots are preferred as the environment is controlled with heat and plenty available natural light. But Lifestyle sessions are amazing for a more relaxed, candid session. I create most of my own props, wraps, beanies and backdrops, therefore you can be sure that the images you receive are unique and well thought through.

I do offer Newborn Lifestyle Shoots, this is done in your home. It is a very relaxed session in baby’s own environment.

I take my time to keep baby as comfortable as possible and book out 3 hours for the Session. This will give baby plenty of time for feeding, cuddling and sleeping. Safety of your little one is the absolute most important thing on my mind and I have years of experience with little babies and you can be assured, I will keep your little one safe and secure with every image I create. If baby is niggly, don’t worry, it’s absolutely normal. I know how to calm them, and you will be close by at all times.



A Maternity shoot is done between 28 to 34 weeks of pregnancy, this will depend on mommy and how comfortable you are at what stage.

The venue choice is up to you, be it Forest, Vineyard or Beach, you can let me know which you prefer and we’ll chat about the perfect one for you! My style is soft and romantic with a lot of light! So I suggest wearing light colours, flowy dresses. I love to incorporate something special into each shoot like fresh flowers or floral wreaths. If you have any specific you would like, please let me know and I will do what I can to make it happen.

This is an amazing time in your life, and although you might not feel it, you are breathtakingly beautiful and you can be sure you will be in love with the images I produce as I take extra care to perfect them and to show you just how marvellous you are. During the shoot mommy and daddy will have time to connect, to create memories. I love this time as I get to capture the real you, the emotion, the excitement and thrill! I will make you feel as comfortable as possible in front my lens I promise. I will direct your every step so you have nothing to fear. Your images will be spectacular, it’s my speciality!



Children are only children for a while, this session allows us to make time stand still, even just for a second. It’s a fun, playtime, no fuss session where I capture not just how beautiful they are, but who they are, uniquely perfect. These sessions are done on location (of your choice) and me being a mommy to 4 amazing little people you can be assured I know how to get those smiles, or a sneaky grin, or even some laughs from just about anyone. 



When booking a Professional photoshoot with me it’s an opportunity to have you lives, your love, the special moments, captured forever.

A treasure, a heirloom piece to be passed on for years to come. I would be honoured to witness your lives through my lens and capture your uniqueness, what makes you, you, perfectly. There is nothing more spectacular than a family’s love for each other. I have a very relaxed style, romantic and sophisticated. I know just how to make you feel at ease to be able to capture your special people perfectly. I have 4 children of my own, so I know how to get those smiles out of them and how to make them comfortable during the session. When you book with me, we will discuss your sessions & plan every detail meticulously. You will know exactly what to expect, how I work and how we will, together make this an amazing experience for you.